Qigong, Tai Chi & Meditation with Ramel Rones (Feb 11, 2022)

20 Aug, 2022

Birds Movements for Health and Martial Arts 

In this class we will learn and practice the movements of different birds, an ancient practice from the philosophies of both Chi Kung and Tai Chi developed from observation and imitation. We will meditate and empty our minds while practicing the various birds’ movements. The different birds’ movements fall under the category of “dynamic movement” which helps stretch and strengthen our lower and upper body while gently massaging the spine and joints. Strengthening our lower body is important for balance and stability which over time and with practice leads to preventing falls, increasing bone density, improving mental health and boosting confidence. We will work on bringing extra oxygen into our body as we practice these dynamic movements by concentrating on breathing deep. We will also try to stimulate and activate dormant lung cells by breathing deep in different postures. 

During this class we will strengthen our energetic system by practicing visualizations and evoking the spirit by becoming different birds: birds such as the Crane, the Eagle, the Flamingo and more… 

Some of what we will learn and practice: • Up and Down Like the Moon and the Sun • Internal Organ Massage • Crane Picks up the Clam • Eagle Looks for Pray • Baby Crane Flies • The Horse Stance • Crane Strikes Forward • Crane Flies • Crane Strikes Sideways • The Flamingo Stretch 

Most exercises in this class can be practiced sitting, standing, or lying down.

Tags: Breathing, Chi Kung, Healing, Mindfulness, Relaxation