Qigong, Tai Chi & Meditation with Ramel Rones (Feb 18, 2022)

20 Aug, 2022

Introduction to Meditation for Health and Martial Arts 

In this class we will learn and practice regulating your brain waves. We will try to reach the brain waves between awake and asleep, Theta, which is meditation. When you are in the brain waves between awake and asleep you are in the zone, in the moment or experiencing Theta brain waves during which all your senses are alert. When you reach and stay in Theta brain waves, or meditate, you may be activating the production of the Happy Hormones. Spending time in deep levels of meditation allows the body and the mind to deeply relax, rejuvenate and heal. For more information about meditation and its many benefits you can go to my website or blog. 

During this class, we will emphasis the Up and Down Forces or correct alignment with deep breathing while sitting and standing. We will learn and practice Zen meditation using the breath to quiet the Monkey Mind, the emotions and thoughts, while sitting. 

Some of the meditations we will practice: Embrace the Tree Meditation, sitting Mountain Stance Meditation, standing Lower Energy Center Meditation, Sitting The Tai Chi Move “Grind” Meditation, standing and moving Baguazhang Walking Meditation Taoist Meditation or Empty Full Moon with Lower Energy Center Visualization

Tags: Breathing, Chi Kung, Healing, Mindfulness, Relaxation