Qigong, Tai Chi & Meditation with Ramel Rones (Feb 4, 2022)

20 Aug, 2022

Activate, Stimulate and Utilize the Energetic System for both Health and Martial Arts 

When we emphasize the five building blocks (Body, Breath, Mind, Energy and Spirit) while practicing each posture or move we stimulate and activate our energetic system, creating a stronger flow of energy that increases circulation, removes stagnation, and nourishes the internal organs, the spine, the brain, the bones, the joints, and the soft tissues. Reaching deep levels of relaxation from both the deep breathing and the meditation will further spread the energy to every cell in your body. This strong energy flow is important for both Health and Martial Arts. 

Some of what we will learn and practice: · The Up and Down Forces · Coiling Chi Kung · Mountain Stance Meditation · Liver and Spleen Massage · The Cat and the Cow · Stretch and Release the Bows · Buddhist Breath · Taoist Breath · Skin Bone Marrow Breathing · Rising and Setting Sun Meditation · Baby Crane Flies 

Most exercises in this class can be practiced sitting, standing, or lying down.

Tags: Breathing, Chi Kung, Healing, Mindfulness, Relaxation