DFCI Zakim Center

Art Therapy
Breast Oncology Patients

The Zakim Center is excited to offer Art Therapy for Breast Oncology patients undergoing infusion treatments. Expressive arts can provide valuable coping skills through activities that are approachable, enjoyable, and relaxing. In art therapy sessions, patients will creatively explore art materials and learn new skills with the help of an art therapist. Materials may include acrylic paint, canvas, watercolor, mixed media, and more. Materials and sessions are provided free-of-charge, and no artistic experience is necessary to benefit from this program. Sessions are hosted on Zoom and can be accessed at home or during infusion appointments if schedules align. Multiple sessions are encouraged.

  • Loom Weaving

    Materials include loom, yarn, and tapestry needles

  • Collage

    Materials include tissue paper, mod-podge, brushes, and a choice of canvas, wooden frames or wooden boxes

  • Watercolor Painting

    Materials include watercolor, watercolor notebook, and brushes

  • Acrylic Painting

    Materials include a choice of canvas, wooden frames or wooden boxes, acrylic paints, white glue (for marbling), and brushes

  • Jewelry Making

    Materials include crystal and stone beads, earring findings, pliers, and beading thread

*available materials may be subject to change

For more information, please contact the Zakim Center:
zakim_center@dfci.harvard.edu | 617-632-3322