DFCI Zakim Center

Sleep Hygiene & Resources

In this 4-minute video, Heather Woods, MA, MT- BC, shares tips that may help you establish healthy sleeping habits and get a good night’s sleep.

Download Heather's Sleep Hygiene Tips here!

Guided Body Scan Meditation for Sleep & Relaxation

In this 16-minute meditation, Patricia Arcari, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, guides you through a body scan meditation designed to help release physical tension in the body and promote a sense of peace and relaxation.

Music-Guided 2-2-4 Breathing Exercise

In this 9-minute video, Heather Woods, MA, MT- BC, guides viewers in a 2-2-4 breathing exercise with relaxing live music. 2-2-4 breathing is a simple exercise using a long exhale which is shown to trigger a relaxation response. 

Gentle Yoga for Sleep & Relaxation

In this 17-minute video, Juliana Berfield, PhD, E-RYT 500, CPT, leads you through a gentle yoga flow designed to put you in a state of calm and relaxation before bedtime.

Qigong Breathing Exercises for Sleep & Relaxation

In this 13-minute video, Ramel Rones, Tai Chi Master and Mind/Body Consultant, leads you through three breathing exercises rooted in the Qigong practice that may aid in calming the nervous system and putting you to sleep.