DFCI Zakim Center

What You Need to Know About Exercise & Neuropathy

In this 5-minute video, Nancy Campbell, MS, explains the benefits of exercise in improving neuropathy symptoms, and the types of exercises that are most effective.

Stretches and Exercises for Neuropathy

In this 21-minute video, Juliana Berfield, PhD, E-RYT 500, CPT, demonstrates various stretches, exercises, and self-guided massages that may help reduce symptoms of neuropathy in the upper and lower body.

Self-Acupressure & Benefits of Acupuncture for Neuropathy

In this 4-minute video, Weidong Lu, MB, MPH, PhD, explains the benefits of acupuncture in improving neuropathy symptoms and demonstrates acupressure and reflexology techniques for improving neuropathy symptoms in the feet.

Golden Light Guided Imagery Meditation

In this 22-minute meditation, Patricia Arcari, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, employs guided imagery to help create relaxation for body and mind, while using the energy of golden light to promote warmth and healing throughout.

Qigong, Tai Chi, & Meditation for Neuropathy: Tapping Techniques

In this 6-minute video, Ramel Rones, Tai Chi Master, demonstrates Qigong and Tai Chi tapping techniques that may help ease discomforts related to neuropathy, such as pain, numbness, tingling, burning, or the “pins and needles” sensation. Tapping stimulates nerve endings and can be done with your hands or various household items to increase energy and blood circulation throughout the body.

Sunrise Tai Chi for Neuropathy

In this 90-second video, Ramel Rones, Tai Chi Master, demonstrates a short Tai Chi form performed at Masada in Israel. Use the rising sun and the power of the mind to cleanse and nourish every cell in the body to help with neuropathy symptoms, improve mood, and upgrade your energetic system.