Qigong, Tai Chi & Meditation with Ramel Rones (Feb 25, 2022)

20 Aug, 2022

Improving your Health and Martial Arts through focusing on your Spine and Ribs 

The health of your spine and ribs is important for your general health as well as for your martial arts practice. Stretching, strengthening, lengthening, and relaxing the soft tissues around your spine and ribs will free them from being a prisoner of the skin, facia, muscles, and tendons. Deep breathing with self-massage through movement increases the flow of oxygen throughout your whole body and further helps loosen up the spine and rib cage areas. We will integrate the five building blocks, Body, Breath, Mind, Energy and Spirit into each posture or movement for a complete mind-body experience. 

We will practice: • Three Chamber Breathing Meditation, standing • Rib Massage with Deep Breathing • The Rainbow Stretch Meditation • Snake Creeps Down • Snake Creeps Up • Stretch and Release the Bows, Spine, and Ribs • Baby Crane Flies • “Grind” Pelvis Circles Meditation • Eagle Flies • Sun Salutations, sitting

Tags: Breathing, Chi Kung, Healing, Mindfulness, Relaxation